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Pregnant Teens & Teen Moms!

--Advice, Questions, & Support.

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This community is now a closed membership, if you would like to join, do so & you may be approved.

This is a community for pregnant teens or teens (moms or dads) that already have babies. This community is aimed torwards young parents that are under the age of 25. There are not many rules and are pretty easy to follow. Feel free to join and share your stories, experiences, worries and so much more.

ATTENTION: Please be advised, If you are coming here to make a post that you may be pregnant or want to know about pregnancy tests/stuff like that, please don't. Your post will be immediately deleted and you will be removed from the community. amipregnant is a great community that is aimed for those particular questions. Once you find out if you are pregnant you are more then welcome to join and post here. Thank you.

PLEASE read the Rules;
01) IMPORTANT: Due to the overwhelming and ongoing debate, do NOT make any posts in here with regards to BREASTFEEDING or FORMULA FEEDING. Unfortunately, it has come down to this. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions, but some people don’t seem to take it with a grain of salt.. If you have a question or something to say about these specific topics, please go to breastfeeding or bottlefeeding. Those are wonderful communities and we sure they can provide you with advice. Also, please be advised that if you do bring up breastfeeding/formula feeding you will be banned and we will delete the post.

02) DUE TO UNWANTED DEBATES, THERE WILL BE NO POSTS ALLOWED THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ABORTION! If you have a question about abortion please check out abortioninfo, or some other abortion related community. Not following this rule will result in you being BANNED.

03) Please respect all moderators & members. Bashing, disrespect or any negativity of any kind towards moderators or members will result in you being banned.

04) Your first post must be an introductory post about yourself. It's good to know who joins and what situation they are in (ie: pregnant or already a parent). So we know you read the rules, when posting your introduction in the subject line, please put: Babies are everything. Please copy & paste this questionnaire with your introductory post:

Due Date:
Child/Children’s Name(s):
Child/Children’s Birthday(s):
Favorite Food:
Favorite Song:
Any Hobbies:
Anything else you'd like to add about you or your child:

05) STAY ON TOPIC! This is a pregnancy community-- not a place where you go off on other unrelated things (i.e.; boyfriends, relationship problems, complaints, and other subjects in general, etc.) Please make your posts related to your pregnancy/and or the baby.

06) Moderators will NOT accept any malign, harassment, conflicts, arguing or flaming. If there are ANY issues that arise, please report the problem immediately to one of the moderators.

07) If posting a picture(s), kindly put them behind a lj-cut tag. It’s disturbing to see a enormous picture on your friends list and it is easier for people who are dial-up. (Learn how to do the lj-cut here). If you fail to use a lj-cut, your post will be deleted. It shows that you have NOT read the rules.

08) You must be a pregnant teen OR already a young mom/dad.

09) You must be under the age of 25.

10) You may advertise for a community only if it’s related to pregnancy/parenting/babies and you have been given permission by one of the moderators. If your request has been granted, you may advertise ONCE.

11) Do not add the moderator’s personal journals.

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ixheartxyou – Tina (misstinalove xo@aol.com)

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or concerns.

Credit for the layout goes to premade_ljs