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Babies are everything

Name: Bailey
Age: 17
Location: California
Birthday: 7/27/92
Due Date: January 6th
Child/Children’s Name(s): Peyton Jane for a girl and either Aiden or Kale Johnathon for a boy :]
Child/Children’s Birthday(s): January 6th (or sometime around then lol)
Favorite Food: Burgers!!! and sandwich's
Favorite Song: Dysfunctional by Tech N9ne, explains me so well right now lol
Any Hobbies: I love swimming, dancing, and photography
Anything else you'd like to add about you or your child:
Well I'm 17, going on 18 next month. I haven't been with the baby's dad for very long, only 6 months, but we have known each other since elementary school. This would be my second child, but about a year ago I was pregnant. Unfortunately the pregnancy was brought to an end and I miscarried at a little over 7 weeks. Even though that was really hard for me, it saved me a lot because I was in an abusive relationship and it was just not the right atmosphere to bring a child into. I'm just looking for some people who understand what I'm going threw and don't judge, because I've lost a lot of my friends because of this. So I'm glad I found this community :]
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