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Hi. I'm new

Name: Emily
Age: 15
Location: Denver, Colorado
Birthday: 5/29
Due Date: It was September 19
Child/Children’s Name(s): Michaela Jane
Child/Children’s Birthday(s): September 18
Favorite Food: Indian that helped wtih putting me into labor a bit
Favorite Song: No idea
Any Hobbies: Running and drama club
Anything else you'd like to add about you or your child: She is being adopted, but right before she was born her daddy contested so now we are in this huge stupid court thing. She was big too, 9 pounds. 

I am really happy I found this journal. I have been dying to talk to someone who has gone through what I have (or something similar anyway).

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Good luck with the court thing, that must be really frustrating. :(
It can get frustrating, but I just think positive. So what about you? When is your due date and stuff?
I already had my little man, I just pop in every once in awhile to wish everyone luck and to give input/suggestions/advice/support since I've BTDT.
So how old is he? My daugther is only a couple weeks
A little more than a few weeks. :)

Like I said, I just pop in here to lend support/advice. It seems silly, but I remember being pregnant and having NO idea what I was doing, and it really helped to find people who did.
Yeah. Me too. It sucks not having anyone to talk to about it.
Oh yeah. You should try joining your birth community. They can be cool places.
What is a birth community?
So 2 days ago, you wanted to run away with no where to go, and no roof over your babies head, & in a matter of 2 DAYS you gave your child up for adoption, and your already going to court with your childs father?! Please, it takes more than a 2 day process for that, more like 1 day, concidering nothing is open on Thanksgiving!
No no no! We started this whole thing in June! We got the court date set up for a couple days after my due date and then went from there. Sorry for being so confusing. It did take a couple months. I myself was suprised that we got in so fast with the dockets being so full in all, but I guess my attorney was better than I though, or maybe adoption cases like these get priority.