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Babies are Everything

Name: Jul
Age: 24
Location: Illinois
Birthday: Aug 15 '86
Due Date: June 20 2011 I think--my 1st doctor's appointment is not until the end of November
Child/Children’s Name(s): Leo, and for the one in my belly now we are thinking Dale or June
Child/Children’s Birthday(s): January 23, 2007
Favorite Food: mostacholli (which I don't know how to spell lol) with marinara sauce
Favorite Song: drive by Incubus
Any Hobbies: spending time with my family
Anything else you'd like to add about you or your child:
I have been separated from my son's father since he was a year old. I was 19 when pregnant, and 20 when I had him (was in this community when pregnant with him and found it again). I was recently married in June to a man who treats my son as his own and we tried for this baby only one month, so I was slightly surprised by my pregnancy! We are extremely excited and I a much more prepared this time around. I feel like I've matured 10 years since having my son. I am hoping for a VBAC, but realize more this time that anything can happen so I'm prepared (I hope!). I'm only about 7 weeks pregnant right now and am already showing a little. I bought some maternity jeans yesterday. I do not remember growing this fast with my first! However I was extremely sick the first time and so far I'm just extremely tired this time.
I am looking forward to enjoying our little family of three for the next 7 months before welcoming our new bundle :)
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