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My Baby Girl :)

I am 18 and I am almost 7 months. This little girl that is in my stomach is my first child. At first, I must admit that I was scared. I didn't know how to tell people. In fact I didn't tell any of my friends until late June. I was only a senior in high school. My dad took it hard but he's now warming up to the idea.

The closer the due date the more excited me and my boyfriend become. We are just now starting to prepare for her. Although we still need many things. We both agree that we would wait until my baby shower until we start buying the smaller things. My aunt is throwing me the baby shower and it's suppose to be big. I can't wait to see which of my friends actually show up to support me. Either way, I'm just happy that we are one more step closer to Madison coming out.

Feeling her move in my belly is so magical. Yes, it's a pain but just knowing that I'm helping create this life is really something else. Guys have no idea the bond that we mothers are already forming with our babies even before they are out. This has really been a beautiful experience and I can't wait til I'm able to hold her in my arms. Just to be able to carry her would make me the happiest. :)
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